December 12, 2007

Countdown to a better road

Welp, the ice storm came, and went --- it was rough, but it wasn't 2002 -- or even 1996. But it was interesting! I still haven't been back on the roads since the freezing rain began, but I've thought about it and tried. I still can't justify studded tires, nor could I even FIT them under my fenders on the current bike. I might have to start dumpster diving for another mountain bike that will fit fenders and studded tires, a bike that I can grab at a moment's notice and brave the nasty elements with -- single speed, yeah -- something ridiculously low, like a 36x18 gear. Nokian Extreme 296's, fenders, bright LED light.... yummy.
Of course, as soon as I FIND one of these bikes, the ice will be gone - so maybe it's okay to just take a few days off and save my money! The cash to drop on a pair of Nokians will buy a lot of bus passes! Still, it would be nice to be totally self-sufficient that way, but I might wait until next season, summer-time, to build it -- something to build AFTER I finish the Trek 450.
Above-freezing temps in the forecast for tomorrow -- maybe today it will dry out a bit. I'm ready to suit up and enjoy some winter riding!


Noah said...

I made some ghetto studded tires and I have to say that most of the stuff we get out here is either:

1) Gone to ridable slush in a few days


2) Too rough and evil for studs to make it easy anyways

Don't waste your money or your time. You'll find out out there every day on knobbies, which I'll be putting back on my bike this evening. The studs worked great for glare ice and black ice, but it's so rare to see that stuff on the road for very long. Unless it's 5 degrees or less, the ice melt usually takes care of it.

Of course, I have been using a wide-tire mountain bike for the last month or so. No clue if touring or cross tires will be sufficient.

kG said...

Yeah, but unfortunately (fortunately?) most of my commute mileage these days is on the bike trail, to bypass three naty intersections -- so it's totally untreated in most cases, unless the sun hits it - which is rare back in the trees. Ice sticks around for a while back there --- double edged sword; I can take the roads when the trail is nasty, but then I'm negotiating those three nasty intersections when it's semi-nasty on the streets! Either way, it's a challenge --- but I'm about ready to just take it on. Sick of waiting for the thaw! :) cD

Anonymous said...

Hey dude. Love my studded tires here in norhern Illinois. Hate the rolling resistance. I'd rather be upright with all the ice we have here. Already went down once because I thought I could get by without the studs. Innova makes a studded tire that you can replace studs as they wear down from too much asphalt riding.

Noah said...

You soooo need to do this, dude.

Chris said...

But Noah, that is being nice for the person BEHIND you. Then you get the rummies who ride back and forth across your path and create more issues! :)

Noah said...

This time of year, you are likely the only bicyclist that's "behind you" on Indian Creek Trail.