December 30, 2014

Milepost 1445

It never takes me long to figure out my own way of integrating or modifying things to better suit my specific needs, and the recent Photon light purchase is no exception. Took apart one of the swivel-mount clips which came with the light, drilled a few tiny slots to accept zip-ties, and used a hunk of taillight mount rubber shim for a non-slip base. A little filing and shaping the underside and fashioning the zip ties just-so, and there you go: a perfectly-aimed night vision map light for future night rides. The quick-release feature remains intact, so battery swaps or swapping out the whole light to change colors is a snap. The existing Blackburn Flea 1.0 white headlight is at left, aimed higher to get driver's attentions and to light up reflective roadsigns for navigation. The helmet is road-ready!

from Instagram via IFTTT and Twitter @RUSAdude

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