December 29, 2014

Milepost 1445

Hey, randonneurs: the old Photon squeeze light has grown up; not in size, but in features. $15 is a lot for a tiny, U.S. quarter-sized flashlight, perhaps, but these are far and away superior to those dollar-bin lights that pop up from time to time. Waterproof, USA-made, replaceable battery, 12 colors to pick from, constant on, squeeze on/off, fully variable brightness, multiple flash modes. Comes with a magnetic swivel-head clip and lanyard. For reading cue sheets on long night rides, fixing a flat, checking roadsigns, or standing in as a backup taillight, these definitely aren't throwaway lights. Small enough to stash and forget in a seatbag, get ready for the 2015 brevets and grab one!

from Instagram via IFTTT and Twitter @RUSAdude

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