November 20, 2013

Peculiar success!

Wanted to post a quick note that yesterday's maiden-voyage of the new Mighty Peculiar route came through as a rousing success!  Many thanks to Gary and Terry for coming along for the adventure -- a great morning, awesome sunrise, lots of scenery, lots of good hills, a tailwind finish (!), and a great sunset over the western Missouri countryside.  Great day!  

Stay tuned for photos and the usual ride report... 
Now, with three of these darn R-12 things under my belt... am I REALLY gonna push my luck with a December attempt?  Hard to fathom, knowing that I've wrapped up 11 especially challenging months of brevets and permanents now with this nearly-perfect November:  a tailwind?  60 degrees?   Wow, that was NICE... 

So, stay tuned.... yeah, yeah, I'll probably keep the streak going, but man... if yesterday had to be my last ride for a while, I can rest happy.  Awesome day!

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