November 11, 2013

Coming Soon! Reviews, wrap-ups, & long-term tests

  A long-standing and genuine hope of mine has involved running the occasional product review on this site, geared specifically toward the commuter and randonneur - and, with some extra time finally cropping up here and there, well, it's time to make good on some long-standing teasers.  

Speaking of teasers, this is NOT that post... not yet!  (booo!)   
To whet the whistle, however, prepare for a few of the following:

  • Long-term wrap-up:  Specialized Espoir Elite 700x25 tires
  • Gilles Berthoud Aspin Leatherline saddle:  the first 1,000 miles
  • Long-term update:  Axiom Monsoon waterproof panniers - STILL going strong!
  • Long-term report:  Blackburn Flea - will this thing EVER die?
  • Initial Impressions & Why You Need a Helmet Light:  The Light & Motion Urban Series hits LBS shelves
  • For Better or Worse?  Panaracer updates the venerable Pasela tire lineup

So, aside from the usual ride reports, it's time to throw more meat on the grille in the c'Dude shop!
Stay tuned! 

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Monkeywrangler said...

Looking forward to the L&M, Panaracer and Espoir reviews.