September 15, 2013

The Ides of September?

I love this time of year... I love where I live in the country, generally, and the parallel itself, because of the transitional magic which unfolds as season folds into season as we slowly move around the sun each year.  The flaming-hot temps (though short-lived) are yielding to cooler, drier air - and the southern jet stream is finally allowing coastal systems from the west to affect the area.  Rain... interspersed with sunshine, and temps at dawn in the 50's, with a nip in the breeze.  Ahhhh.... 

Riding in it is better.  

I can't deny - September is one of my favorite months.  I got married in September.  Things start to change a little in September, and for the last five years it seems that September always unlocks the BEST for riding.  Almost every story is dripping with self-discovery, motivation, smiles, and good times.  Therefore, it's with great anticipation that I pack my bags tonight, pre-flight - zero-hour is near 6:00AM... and I'm gonna be high... as a kite, by then.

It's a mere two-hundred kilometers, give or take, and I can hardly wait...

Stay tuned!

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Monkeywrangler said...

Hey there, Rocket Man, I hope your ride was a good one!