June 11, 2013

R-12 + R-24 = R-36, asterisk

The short version, yesterday's White Cloud 250km permanent ride from St. Joseph, MO., to Falls City, NE. and then over to White Cloud, KS. on a short ghost-town tour marked the 12th consecutive 200+km ride for me, since last June.  That officially makes it (when my card gets its final stamp, of course) R-12 #3, finished!  I wish I could call it "R-36" without an asterisk by it - which refers to my first R-12 being off by itself back in 2008-09, then a break, and then picking things back up again in 2011.  Still, I guess, technically, that's 36 rides for a total of the three R-12 awards... even though right now I'm really only on R-24.  Whatever.  I'm happy!  

Photos tocome, hopefully while the memories are still fresh.  It was - all in all - a great day for the 200k.  The last 50km, however... good grief.  I'll likely limit the tale to photos, and focus on the last 26 miles or so from White Cloud back to St. Joseph.  It proved to both Glen R. and me that it doesn't take much to completely change the face of a bike ride.  It ended up being a hard-earned finish for both of us.  ..but, you know what they say.
For now, it's down to resting, rehydrating, and trying to get my digestive system back on-line.  It's been an interesting month, which I'll also get into.  

Now... about July... 

Stay tuned!