August 6, 2010

It's coming...

Cue dramatic music...

The 2nd not-so-annual commuterDude cycling garage sale! Oh, baby!
It's not "virtual", it's real, and really in a driveway and really near a garage.

Rearranging said garage last weekend I caught myself... "where did all this stuff come from?!"

For some reason I once again found a whole lotta bike stuff to unload, and I don't have the energy or spare time to c-list it all and try to arrange deliveries with all that's happening with life and schedules. It's a hassle for the buyer, ultimately.
Plus, I missed the big annual swapmeet at El Torreon (Spanish for "The Torreon"), so I have to kinda goof this together.

I'm working on inventory right now, and will publish a list to those that are in, or will be in, the Kansas City area on the date of the event. Lists are available via email, so feel free to pre-RSVP if you like.

Swap-meet style pricing. Priced to move. The owner is on vacation, and we've gone crazy. No reasonable offer will be refused. Do you have a job? Do you have 99 dollars? Then, you're approved! Oh, whatever. You get the idea!

Timeframe? I'm not in a hurry... are you?
No, really - I'll pick a weekend before life gets really nutty, and post it here.

Pre-sale to friends-of-the-show, so watch your email.

It's hot, go drink something.

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RSA Online said...

Oh goodness, I tried cleaning out my garage today but gave up after about 5 hours, it's tough stuff!