August 21, 2010


I like a "recognizable brand", so I put the old webpage banner picture back up.  It's more representative of the kind of riding around here, and there is a long history to having that picture around.  Makes me smile when I see it.  The other one was kinda cool, also a picture that makes me smile when I see it - but the foray into graphic design gave it a little too edgy of a feel, and this blog is anything but edgy.
So, I changed it back!  

The Liberty - Avenue City brevet went of this morning without a hitch, but I was not in attendance.  I trust my gut:  too many things happening this weekend that hinged on the wife having easy access to a car, and that notion that is always there - self-imposed, I might add - that the car is wasted sitting in a parking lot, 40 miles away, while I ride... well, it's never sat well with me.  I suppose that makes me a pretty good partner in marriage... she never has to say these things, it's me that internally freaks out and adjusts plans.  When I have solid transportation of my own for bicycle transport, the Avenue City route will still be up there.

To keep R-12 going - a reasonable goal - I have scheduled some time off work during the week about 2-weeks from now... maybe a little less than that.  I'll be turning north, and riding the WMGM 200km permanent.  This is a tough one, quite hilly, but beautifully scenic - looking forward to it, as I haven't ridden it since December of 2008.  Back then, it was an exercise in time management and almost - by three minutes - cost me a re-do.  I have fond memories of that ride, because I was not in the best of shape, it was cold, I was tired, and up against the ropes of time... and barely managed to pull it out.

So, this weekend it's football practice (which I just returned from), mowing the grass, fixing a couple things, and hopefully still managing to get out on the bike for a while.  It's warm... ok, almost hot.... but quite a nice, clear day.  Might as well ease away some miles in slow, easy, fat-burning mode.

Thanks for reading!

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Noah said...

Hot damn that was a hell of a ride. I'd like to conquer it (for real) with you one of these days. I'm totally not ready for that right now, though. Best of luck, though!