June 9, 2010

Rhode Island in the building!

Two bloggers diverge on a quiet suburban street, early morning...
The result? Mayhem...

Ok, not really... but hey.

James B. from Providence, RI was in town a few weeks back during Bike-To-Work Week, and was a little bummed that he was traveling during the time where he'd normally be riding to work and logging miles for the nationwide effort.

What to do?

Fake it.

CarfreePVD and commuterDude... hittin' the streets of Olathe/OP!
Read all about it HERE.

Thanks, James, for coming out and sharing a commute with me!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Eventually, I'll have to stop saying "thank you", Keith. I'm starting to embarrass myself.

Now that the link is up, I've warned my server crew to expect a big spike in hits. They've started shoveling extra coal into my coal-fired server cooling system, so we should be all set.

I started logging miles for a local bike commute contest, then forgot about it. Last night I met a guy at a party who had won a $200 gift certificate to a popular outdoor enthusiast store. I've got to start entering these contests more. Next stop the Let's Go Ride A Bike Summer Games? Maybe....