June 6, 2010

June 27th, RUSA Permanent

For those interested, either chasing the R-12 award or just looking for a long ride, and not able to ride the KCUC 1,000km ride next weekend, mark your calendars:

SUNDAY, June 27th, 2010
4:00AM Start - designed to beat-the-heat.
The Free-State Border Patrol, 217km (137 miles).

Keith has registered this permanent with the RPC, and will act as ride leader for this event:
If you are interested, email Keith for details.
Must be a current RUSA member, must have signed waiver and check for $5.00 payable to Spencer Klaassen for certification and processing fees.
Pre-registration required, please. Again, email Keith to register.
(Cut-off date for registration is June 22nd, to allow time for cards to be mailed)

The Free-State Boder Patrol is 217km of flat to rolling terrain, with some challenging hills near the mid-point, on historic roads that were the trigger-point for activity that led to the beginning of the American Civil War. You'll pass near the towns of Aubry, Stilwell, Bucyrus, Wea, Cleveland, Louisburg, Rutlader, La Cygne, and Pleasanton along the old Leavenworth-to-Fort Scott Military roads that skirt the Kansas-Missouri border. Border skirmishes lit up the entire area along this route from 1854-1861, as John Brown stirred the pot that would eventually thrust the nation into war. Just as Union troops patrolled this major strategic artery, you'll "patrol" your way south towards the Mine Creek battlefield, where the only Civil War battle to take place on Kansas soil was fought in October 1864.
...And you thought it was just another bike ride!

Route Map

With c-stores spaced roughly every 20 miles, this is an "easy" ride, logistically - rise early, beat the heat and wind, and (normally for summer) enjoy a tailwind on the return... but watch out for ruffians!

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