September 2, 2008

The Big Weekend Approaches

I feel kinda bad about top-posting over he Spencer and Danny Pony Express Permanent, as that's a truly noteworthy and noble accomplishment -- I haven't paid attention to something like this since the 2002 Race Across America, honestly. It's just two unsupported guys, out there on the road. Pretty awesome, because I seriously doubt anyone else will be on the books for this particular permanent, ever. It's like someone winning the Tour seven times again -- the chances of it happening are pretty slim. People will look upon this and say "wow", but very very few would ever consider trying it themselves. It's defintely the right two guys riding it. There are a few others I can think of that are RUSA members that might be worthy of it -- can't remember their names off the top, but they are mileage champions and legends in rando circles. But, I'm proud to know Spencer and Danny, honestly. The midwest has two of the finest cyclists riding today, and I'm lucky to live here - curse the winters sometimes, and the humidity, but this is a good place to be. Anyhow, I digress -- I hadn't posted in a while, and I have a personal to-do coming up this weekend that I figured I'd blab about for a second, cause I'm pretty excited!

This will be my 8th MS-150, and my 8th 200+ km ride towards the R-12 award -- all in 72 hours time. Yeah, I could have made things easier on myself I suppose - but why? Life is short, and I'd rather have something interesting to talk about. Ok, that's the dumbest excuse ever! Honestly, this month is nuts, and only a few months back I got talked into doing the MS-150 again by my old teammates, and it sounded like fun - which it is, but I had no idea September was gonna be stacked up so tight. Can't back out now, so heeeere we go - challenge time!

So, this coming weekend I'll be setting out Friday evening to get 200K number eight, heading to La Cygne again, but this time on a different route that is a whole, whopping 7 kilometers shorter than the Border Patrol route. Wow, what a relief I won't have to ride those last seven K. But, this new route does get me closer to the Missouri side for the start/finish of the MS-150 itself, so after the 200K is complete I'll head to the start line for the MS Ride and catch a few ZZZ's pending the time. Once the volunteers open up the school, I'll head in for a shower in the locker rooms, dress in fresh cycling gear and then wait for the pancake people to make me some food. That's gonna taste gooooood... Then, at 7:00am Saturday I'll head out on the long route of the MS-150 for another 100 miles, finishing in Sedalia probably just before the sweeper car gets sent out. Yikes. You know, this shouldn't be any more challenging than a 600K weekend, really -- I know that sounds ridiculous to the non-rando person, because I have to agree: a 600K, yeah, that's getting kinda ridiculous -- until you've finished one. But, knowing that I have finished one, I can look at a 300+ mile weekend and almost call it "easy". We'll see how it pans out!

First, I have to commute to work a couple times - today and tomorrow - likely this afternoon and tomorrow in the rain, which will be a nice change. Then, I'm on vacation, baby! Time to rest up, pack up, and carb up. Awesome good times coming -- and I am bringing the real camera along for the ride this time, so I hope to have a nice post for you with some night shots and some random MS-150 activity with my team. Should be great! Stay tuned ---

Now, scroll down and read about Spencer and Danny again! At last check, they were just about to cross into Nebraska! GO GO GO!!!

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Jason said...

Good luck tonight! I'll see you at the starting line #2 tomorrow :)