July 8, 2008

Le Tour & Le Tires

First off, yeah -- It's July. IT'S TOUR TIME, baby!

You know how to use Google, so I won't bore you with a buncha links and such - but I wanted to express my love for the sport, my love for Team Garmin-Chipotle (Slipstream) -- ahhh...the HOME team, man.... Olathe, representin' over in France. Get it ON. That and BIG burritos. Dude, you couldn't ask for a better sponsorship ticket. Electronic gadgets and mexican food.
And cycling. Yup. Go team! David Millar, back in business and clean - and the new ACE group, promoting drug-free professional cycling? Christian Vandevelde? The future of cycling pros as domestiques? It's gonna be a good run.... and the fun is barely beginning!

Tires? Yeah, tires.
I caught myself playing the "gram game" again -- not sure WHY... maybe I'm bored and I want some easy speed at the expense of comfort and broken spokes. There, I just talked myself out of it. I've mounted up the old Specialized Mondo 700x23s on the Trek, and I think for fun I'll take it for a test ride this weekend. I don't expect miracles.... in fact, if it wasn't getting so late at night, I'd probably just go back into the garage and swap the Specialized All-Condition Armadillo Elite 700x25cs back on. The tires and the bikes are SO good now, that I think it really IS boredom in the garage, and nervous energy. Not sure where from, but it's there. The urge to tweak. (Time to find that garage sale bike, eh?) Trust me - NOTHING else is getting tweaked. The last two times I rode, I couldn't remember which bike I was taking - seriously. The feel of the Kogswell and the feel of the Trek are IDENTICAL -- the Trek being a little bit faster and more urgent, perhaps, and lighter -- but the road feel, the endurance capability of the bikes, are perfectly matched. Seriously, on the June Moon ride, in the dark, I reached for my bell for a fun ring-ring to my neighbor on the road Noah, and the bell was missing... because it was on the Kogswell. Two bikes with exactly the same fit, to the point where I forget which one I'm riding? Dude, put the other tires back on, and roll on. I swear -- boredom is a dangerous thing!

Hot temps this week, and a little rain shower today on the ride home --- awesome weather.
Looking forward to the next permanent on the 19th, too. Turning out to be a good summer!

Oh yeah --- and I think I'm gonna post about the May 217K, too... never got around to that. Save my nervous energy for the keyboard.

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