March 10, 2008

Updated: Permanent - This Weekend

Ride Announcement: THIS Saturday 3/15, 6:00AM start –
Route #386 - The Free State Border Patrol 210K

Start location, route sheet, perm card delivered upon RSVP only!

Pre-Registration CLOSED

Welp – looks like I traded a +7ºF start temperature and a cold headwind LAST weekend for THIS weekend’s forecast slightly above-freezing temps and a cold rain/snow mix. Awesome!
So, it’s understandable that, combined with short notice, that I’ll be riding this one solo.

This is what I get for playing with the weather – but it’s time to conjure up MY Flemmish alter-ego, the CömutaarDüüd. It’s time to say farewell to winter, yes, but it’s also time to stoke the “I’ve-had-worse” docket with another potentially epic early spring classic.

So, h-eee-re we go! Full ride report coming soon…

Jedi-Hedgehog, engage!!!

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