February 29, 2008

Upcoming madness in March

Just putting this out there --- this is the time of year to base build, for you racer-types… and really, it’s beneficial for anyone that likes to ride. It’s a great way to look at things like the MS-150, and KNOW that you have the distance in your legs. It’s great if you are getting ready for a long, multi-day event or tour. It’s good, too, if your only goal is simply to push yourself a little more than the average cyclist does. It’s brevet-time!

This year, the usual stack of brevets starts the with 200K, which begins and ends in Kansas City, KS. – details can be found on the KC Ultra Cycling webpage:


As you’ll see once you click to it, there is another 200K in April, and the weather might be a little warmer by then, yeah – but also know that second 200K is a lot hillier! The distances go up from there, if you find the 200K level challenging, and find yourself wondering – like I did many years back – “what’s next? Can I go FARTHER?”

So, come on out! Check the webpage for details, RULES, and sign-up. It’s a couple weeks away, and this first one is definitely relaxed, slow paced, and for the scenery and for the thrill of getting some miles in early in the season.

Also note, that you don’t HAVE to follow the schedule now --- while I HIGHLY recommend the higher attendance and superbly well-run events that Bob B., our RBA, puts on, there are other events that you can choose your ride-date on, called Permanents – I have been working on a route all winter, and finally got it approved with the RUSA folks – you’ll find information about it on that website as well – if you are interested in riding it, let me know, or contact our permanents coordinator, Spencer K.

Either way, consider this your official friendly invite to come out and explore with me and others what life is like on the other side of the Century mark! Cheers!

It’s a trip…. It’s got a funky beat… and I can bug out to it!

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