October 17, 2006

The shape of things to come!


Well, kids -- in a previous post, actually the one JUST before this one, I had all but given up hope of becoming the next "KC Radio God". The voting was over, the polls announced, and I hadn't even made the top ten. Oh well... I just don't know enough people, that's all! I still appreciate all the support I got.

Life was about to go on....

Then the phone rang! I got an official invitation to come into the studio at 99.7 KYYS and audition ON AIR with the morning show, regardless of my voting status, because they liked my tape and style! DANG!!!! REALLY???!!! YES! I'LL BE THERE!!

So, Next Friday, October 27th, besure to tune into 99.7FM in Kansas City to hear how horribly I lock up and collapse into a pool of my own drool at around 7:00am central time. Or, you can soak it up on the web with streaming audio at www.KYYS.com!

Either way, it'll be good for a laugh -- I won't say WHY you'll be laughing, but, you know!

Wish me luck!

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