October 3, 2006

Radio Needs Me.

I NEVER BEG, but now I HAVE to:

A local radio station, one that I've been listening to since I was a CHILD, is holding open auditions to fill an open spot on their morning show! I *HAD* to try out, and I did, and now the entry is posted for YOUR VOTE!

Please go to www.KYYS.com and click on the links to the "Next KC Radio God", and then look for "group 5", and vote for that familiar face, PLEASE!

Only one vote per person, so tell a friend!

AHHH! I can't stand it! It's nuts!
It's crazy! People have been telling me for years taht I should be in radio, and this is a legitimate shot -- it's not a contest, it's the real deal, contract and all. Help a Dude out! Put me on the air! Make me ride my bicycle to Fairway, KS every morning! I'll do it!

Ok -- plea complete. I appreciate your vote!

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