April 20, 2006

Upcoming events - April 22, May 15

A quick departure from literary embarrassment to enlighten you about the upcoming events:

April 22 - The C'Dude Cycling Garage Sale -
General passers-by will be horribly dissappointed to find NOTHING of interest -- unless they happen to be a diehard cyclist! (toss battle cry in the air - AIE YIE YIE YIE YIE!!!)
All things bike, fer sale, dude. Come get some.
Complete Bikes, Frames/Forks, wheels, many, many parts - all priced to move.
Come get that rare bit to complete your latest project, or start a new one.

Go ride the JCBC Spring Classic, and then come by and get a deal. Cash only. I might have coffee... not sure yet.

May 15-19th - the 2006 K.C. Bicycle Commuter Challenge -
It's back, and under new management: join up, soldier, and (uh-rah...) get ranked.
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