January 26, 2006

It's back.

It's been a while since I posted, so might as WELL, right?
Geez, guys - get off my back already!

Anyways.... things have been going well, as I dive into the zen existance of a clean-slate, which comes with the new year. Had dinner with Ort and his crew a few nights ago -- awesome bean soup, man. Also, this segues into the fact that I'm also continuing my January-of-not-caring:
Eat whatever. Train whenever. Whatever.

Although, thankfully, my weight seems to have stabilized. Not that I'd do anything about it if it WASN'T, because it's the January-of-not-caring -- but still I keep tabs on it, and we're solid in the 150-club. Even after what I will heretofor refer to as the "Night of the Enchilada".
Holy crap, dude - have some more CHEESE.

Whenceforth. (whatever -- I'm getting all King James for some reason. Hither. Forthwith.)

Make haste, soccer-mom!

On the bike-front, the Fix (if you hadn't heard me screaming it) is BACK.
I got this delusion that part of the reason I've become a lump and a pack-sucker was the fixed gear was holding me back. Hogwash. I simply have been base-building. For like, a year.
Ok ok ok -- so I took the darn thing apart, and I felt this LONGING for it.
Once you go fixed, you never... you can't..... you're..... crap, nothing rhymes with that.

So, it's back. Hey. It's back. Pass it on.

(did you hear? It's back.)

FIXXIE! I misssed you!!! I love you, fixxie! (bwaaaaaa!!!)

That's not creepy or anything.

So, after installing a slightly smaller gear to migrate from "mash-mode" to "spin-mode", I've fully integrated the fix back into stable. Of course, I'm still not riding all that much - all part of the plan. I've been chastised recently for missing the great weather - which is true: it's been WEIRD warm here for January, but the fact remains - even if it's punctuated by the occasional Canadian shortwave (no, not radio, fool.), spring will come, and the days that we feel so fortunate to have right now will seem awfully cold compared to the 70º pre-dawn warmth that awaits only 45-60 days away. Ok, maybe not THAT warm pre-dawn -- whatever. Stop correcting yourself, dude!

So, bite me. I'll ride when I'm good and ready. And that, apparently, is this afternoon. See you out there! 60º in January is another story entirely, but I'm being careful to keep my reserves in the black -- I'll need them in March.

TWO 200K's this year! Two weeks apart -- and one, entirely new.
And, in typical -- "hello, I'm Bob, and I will punish you" RBA fashion, the first one starts very close to Wyandotte County Lake Park -- "read: HILLY as death."

Great. Thanks, Bob -- I can see him now, back in December, plotting out the new route by dim candlelight in a dingy basement with a quill and inkwell, occasionally letting an evil bellow punctuate the otherwise quiet evilness of his route-planning lair.

"let's see... route 77 north.... no, no... too flat.... how about this abandoned service road? yeeessss.... MUAAHAAHAAAAHAAAA!!!!!"

Thanks for helping my mental game, man.
Whoof. I still sent him the ten bucks, so I guess it's MY fault, in the end.

Start the season!!!

(the fix is back, by the way.)

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