January 31, 2006

Get it on.

Training starts TODAY!

I wanted to give myself January as kind of a screw-off month, and that's pretty much what I did - but at least I got something of an OFF-SEASON. Still, training REALLY started yesterday, as I write this. I just couldn't wait - which, again to the anti-burnout thing - is a good sign. Last night I was itching to start training, instead of dreading it. It was VERY hard to stay off the bike, especially considering this January has officially broken records as the warmest on-record for Kansas City. I abstained, however, and I can already feel a difference.

Unlike previous years, THIS season's training will actually be mapped out, planned, and executed with more fore-thought, and less guessing. After all, the philosophy of "ride ride ride" only goes so far. This year, training smarter should yield better personal results. I may end up with fewer miles, but they will ALL be quality miles, instead of just a big number like the last two years.

Looking back, "ride ride ride" has been my training mantra for the last 5 years, and this year it's time for something different. A more structured approach to mileage, something decidedly "goal oriented" - taking my goals (ie, the 400K, Tinbutt, etc.) and working that mileage and speed goal backwards to today. Asking myself questions like, "How is what I do THIS week going to affect how I perform in 25 weeks?"

While "ride ride ride" has previously been enough to get-by on, this year more of a total athletic approach is at hand. Last night was 20 minutes on the treadmill, 3 sets of abdominal work, 10 minutes of stretching - today, commute to work for training. Light intensity this AM, and aerobic zone this afternoon. Tomorrow, rest. More important than the riding itself, this new routine of off-bike work should provide a well-rounded approach, will help better attack these "last five pounds", and will develop a stronger core - which all translates to better riding. This, along with a more balanced diet, and I think I'm on a good track here.

I might even have enough in my tank by August between Tinbutt and Tejas to try my hand at some short-track stuff, like Tour of Shawnee for sure, and POSSIBLY Tour of KC --- Spinman will be thrilled to read this!
I can't commit to buying a year-long license, tho --- I'll opt for the day-pass, if I go there.
But part of the package should be more speed.... so, we'll see. It's a long time between July and October, so I don't think some shorter races would hurt -- just to keep things spicy, ya know... We'll see if I can hang onto the Bicycle Shack pack first, tho!

As opposed to previous years where I had trepidation about things to come, dreading the 600K and wondering how I'd survive, I am now very optimistic about 2006!

Here's the biggie: personal accountability --- I probably just put half my audience to sleep here, but it's all good. I HAVE to have something to look back on to keep my head in check.

Alright, ya'll --- January is over -- let's get it on!

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