March 27, 2015

Milepost 1445

143rd and Pflumm, looking SE. This heavily-travelled 4-way stop sign controlled multi-lane funnel will soon be altered forever. The silo dates back at least 90 years, if not more, and - as has been practiced around Olathe - may remain in place after construction is finished, which I appreciate. But, the horse ranch has moved out, the cattle here are pretty rare and will likely be gone soon, too, as utility relocation, surveyance, and recent lane closures foretell the ultimate goal of widening 143rd from Pflumm to Quivira; Overland Park's last segment of old, rural 2-lane. Last year's construction was postponed, but, work has resumed. Nearby, it likely won't be long until Pflumm itself is widened south to 151st. Shortly after, expect new homes to be erected. 3/2015

from Instagram via IFTTT and Twitter @RUSAdude

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