June 3, 2014

Our Flint Hills Friend

A quick addendum to the Aliceville Twister ride, I wasn't fast enough - nor do I have the right camera - to catch a decent shot of one of these little guys, so I went out and grabbed an open-license stock photo from the web instead.  Upon entering the Flint Hills area, we started to see a LOT of these guys flitting about, hard at work searching out the day's catch.  Fun to watch, colorful, clever, smart, and sorta curious about us... from a safe distance, of course.  The Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher is normally found a bit further south of here, but, we are indeed right on the northern fringes of their normal territory - and the hunting was good the day we rode.  Along with the usual aviary fare of red-winged blackbirds, Meadowlarks, barn swallows, and buntings, I found this character to be the most entertaining of the day.

Again, not my photographic work here... This file is licensed under the Creative Commons

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Monkeywrangler said...

We see a lot of Scissor tails around here. Bluebirds and Mocking birds too, and the ever-present turkey vultures.