March 5, 2014

Take it as it comes

Taking into consideration the recent posts about biting off more than I can chew, etc., ad nauseum, so-on... so, take this as it is, but; some decent ideas have floated to the surface.  

2014 needs to see some organized rides from this camp - however non-frequent.

- DSR:  these are SUCH a good time, but it seems the full moon always sneaks up on me, and - of late - every time I *think* I have an evening free, something is on the calendar requiring my attention.  However, even if it's just ONE ride, in July, far apart from any other local rides... heck, all I need to do is put something on the calendar and commit to it.  That's do-able, and not biting off too much.  

- OCC:  Who's down with OCC?  Yeah, you know me... (played...)  The Olathe Commuter Club should come to fruition, and - again - it'll be non-frequent enough to avoid being front-loaded with schedule conflicts and personal stress against something that SHOULD be a blast.  Once a month - haven't decided when, but something like "First Friday" or "Third Thursday" or... something else alliteratory in nature... The micro-tiny constituent of Olathe-based residents who happen to work in
the micro-tiny zone of 127th to 112th between Roe and Metcalf -- and anyone working at a business one mile either side of the Tomahawk Creek Trail between Overland Park and Olathe --- will meet up at Starbucks on 151st St., have a cuppasumthinghot and some rousing AM discussion, and then head NE as a group for the work-bell.  Stay tuned -- this is the result of a great brainstorm with 'The Bullpen', and totally needs to happen; again, without biting off too much and making commitments too difficult to keep.

Aside from those two items, my work is cut out for me.  My involvement with RUSA and the KCUC club is pretty solid, and takes up some amount of time.... certainly not as much as my peers, for sure; but, I've at least four routes in the hopper for approval, and two more actually being looked at by RUSA currently... so, the third bullet is keeping to my once-per-month 200k streak, with an open invitation:  to get credit for these rides, yes; one needs to be a RUSA member... but, c'mon... it's $20 a year.  That's not asking very much to give something a shot.  But, if it IS, that's no problem.  Email me.  This, in essence, represents the monthly "C'Dude" ride I've always talked of re-igniting, when in reality it's always been here under this guise.  So, let me know - member or not - if you want in on the action, want to see what randonneuring is all about, or are just looking for a good route and some base training, hit me up.  Chances are, there's one coming up.

Other than that... I'm taking things as they come.
Life should be that way.

Fun stuff, things I'm already going - or should be doing - these aren't difficult promises. They're just plans - but, I feel like they're good, sustainable plans.  
Stay tuned!

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