February 22, 2014

Feed-Reader Demons Vanquished

  Order has been restored... and, as a result, some of you will be enjoying (regretting) your Saturday morning coffee and feedreader session with a healthy dose of c'Dude posts dating back to early November, despite the posting dates appearing to have all occurred this AM.  So, it looks like I've been busy.  You're welcome.  

After finding the issues, it's also come to my attention that I've been pushing the boundaries of ye-olde Atom and XML feed limits, and adding header tags that I shouldn't have been... non-traditional punctuation, weirdly linking to videos, stuff like that.  That's all been debugged, and I've also optimized the feed itself with feedburner's help - so, now it ought to work with a much wider variety of readers.  Part of that process involved limiting the maximum number of feed posts to about 20, to avoid loading and syncing issues . . . so, if you're looking for any posts older than roughly the last 20, please visit the commuterDude.com page itself.  I appreciate it!

Finally - with great apologies - there are SIX of you out there whom had (through no fault of your own) subscribed to an auto-generated feedburner overflow URI (sorry if this is too jargony) -- so, you may have suddenly noticed your feed has either disappeared, or has stopped updating.  Circularly, since you were reading offline, you likely won't get THIS post... but, maybe you'll notice a lack of updates, and you'll find this post eventually.  My apologies... not sure how it happened, but having two URIs fighting against each other had been part of the issue, so I had to delete the smaller one.  If you re-subscribe, you should be in good shape.  

Okay - business aside, back to work on the Knob Noster ride report!  

Thanks for reading, as always -- now, go ride!

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