March 12, 2013

Checking in

It's been a catastrophically busy 6 weeks... however long it's been
since the last 200km ride in February, which seems like an eternity
I'm anxiously looking forward to the first KCUC ride of the season
here in the Kansas City area, March 23rd... and we're dancing with 60
degree weather again late this week, forecast. Loving it! ... just
wish things were a little less busy, but the things I'm involved in
are important, and worthy of attention.

We've managed to survive snowpocalypse and snowmaggedon, each a week
apart from each other -- seeing more snowfall than I can remember
since at least 1993 here. Thankfully, there was enough dry pavement
reappearing to allow some local riders to keep their streaks going...
I'm rolling the dice by waiting until March 23rd for my next R-12
ride. Waiting until late in the month is how I flushed the original
2-in-a-row run back in 2010... so, fingers crossed.

Stay tuned -- the bike is still very much on my mind. Actually rode
to work last week... the first time since December. Deplorable for
the so-called "commuterDude"... but, that's life. It's all gonna be
worth it.

Stay tuned... part of that is a note-to-self: a little discomfort and
a few missed rides now... for a much, much more fulfilling life,

Chin high.

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