January 3, 2013

A January Test on Tap

Stay tuned for the next 200k ride report... it ought to be a doozey.

This time, I'm headed north along the WMGM 200km route - famed for it's trail of unforgiving hills, and famous for the Weston Cafe - offering weary cyclists a hot meal and a comfy chair.
Originally designed as a winter route, with it's south-north-south orientation, I've never ridden it in anything but dry conditions.  The weather lately, has had other plans - and while the forecast looks dry, the route is clogged with the remains of the region's last snow event, leaving some of the quiet, shady back-country lanes packed and rutted - days later.  Another full day of melting lay ahead, but Saturday should prove entertaining as a result or whatever road conditions await us.  Here's to adventure!

More to come...

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