December 8, 2012

18 and life

What a horrible title.
Skid Row was a silly, silly band.  

I digress...

18-in-a-row this month, finished yesterday at about sundown... achieving, barely, my silent, personal goal, set upon the 6:00am start time.  
That should have been way easy to get... and, so it was, helped along with Terry and Glen coming along for the late Fall funfest, and Randy of Kansas Cyclist pulling a u-turn and joining us for a few miles near Spring Hill.  An awesome day out, and great weather!  Yeah, it was foggy, and chilly, and the sun never came out, and it rained for the last 15 miles... yep:  that equals GREAT weather for December in Kansas!  No complaints!

Easy?  Perhaps not... I'm in the midst of another nutritional transition, as I come to grips with the notion that I am NOT an ultra-racer with a crew, and the thought of carrying a dozen pounds of carbo-powder for a 1,200km is not only as silly as Skid Row trying to play "serious music", it's completely impractical.
There will be a few servings in tow as "bonk rations", yes; but, I need to start re-experimenting with real food at controls if I'm to start stretching out the mileage again.  Yes, the powder has been something of a revelation for my riding this summer... but it was a RAAM-based revelation.  I didn't use a lick of the stuff on the 400k in April, for example, and did just fine -- I just need to re-establish that short list of what-works in my head, so I don't waste time doing laps at Casey's, trying to figure out what to munch on.

Note to self -- a Payday bar at mile 90 is NOT on that list.  HAHA.  More on that later.

For now, I've finished December's ride -- my 18th consecutive month -- and well on my way to R-12 award #3...  yes!

Full story coming soon... but, I have a research paper to write for a class that's wrapping up in 2 weeks... so these pages will be quiet for a short bit.
You patience will be rewarded!  

Thanks for reading!

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