February 2, 2012

February 200k completed...I think?

I mean to say, I THINK today falls in the month of February!  Along with Randy R., and Terry B. from St. Joseph, MO., I completed today's 217km Border Patrol route (my 12th personal running of this route, upon counting - yikes) in the best conditions I could have hoped for, considering the month.  We started out under clear skies, light breezes, and 41ºF on the thermometer.  Diving in and out of valleys, the temperature did fluctuate - but, all-in-all it was very warm, even pre-dawn.  Up came the sun, and up shot the temps - eventually topping somewhere in the lower-60's.  Acclimated to colder riding from the last few months, I heated up quickly, and ended the day with only knee warmers remaining in place... and in the end I wish I'd ditched THEM, too.

Short sleeves in February, in KANSAS????  Un-real!!!!!  LOVE IT!  More to come... time for food and rest.... 

R-12 update:  this marks #8.... four to go!!!

I hope everyone managed to get out today and enjoy this amazing weather!
Full post to come!

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