December 16, 2011

Number Sixx, Nikki!

Checked off RUSA 200-kilometer ride #6 today, on the "All's Wellsville" route!
So...I'm officially "halfway" to my 2nd R-12 award... that's the current (and so-far, only) goal I've got brewing.
As my rando-mentor would say, "halfway means I know I'll finish..."  
Here's hopin' the weather cooperates!
Sure as I type this the forecast for next week includes snow... unsure how much, but it's coming.  
I was very hopeful to get this in without dealing with any -- and having scheduled it the 2nd week of November, there was NO way to guarantee that.
Got REAL lucky on timing.... now just have to worry about January and February.  Yeesh.   Roadtrip???
Got in some good "flatland" training... not a lot of climbing on this one... which, I have to say, yeah... "flat" is not necessarily a GOOD thing to my ears.
A few good climbs in there, though, but a lot of highway time.
Full post coming, in usual fashion with all the goodies.
For now... food, sleep.

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