November 4, 2011

Five in a row, tagged and bagged.

Today's RUSA permanent was "The Super Big Gulp", only 201km ... so, the shortest thus far in this most recent "run".
Also, it was a little flatter... but, still - the cooler temperatures and typical adjustments needed to stay on top of cold weather hydration (no major issues, but I know I was behind a couple times) have me feeling --- not sore, but used.  A good feeling.

Also, for the first time in almost 7 years, an actual video-blog to accompany the usual droning, lethargic, time-consuming, holy-heck-hire-an-editor written post.  
Nothing can prepare you for the most gripping docu-drama on randonneuring since 1962, when George "Slappy" Donaldson strapped an 8mm home movie camera to his rear rack and made cinema history.
Thrills, spills, and suspense that Hitchcock would blush over.  
This fall... you will believe.... 

Stay tuned.

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