October 13, 2011

I rode the wrong way

Another successful "finish" for a RUSA 200+km ride... ya'll better ask me if I want paper, or plastic... 'cause this one is in the bag.  WHOO!
Unfortunately, it was not without some difficulty... normally a summer go-to route, the Border Patrol was on tap this time to keep me close to home.
It heads south, on the notion that normally in this area in summer you are nearly guaranteed a nice, strong south tailwind for the return trip.
Today, instead, it was a howling NW wind.  Wow.  Still, happy with my average, happy with my finishing time.

A little UN-happy with my small revisit to fit issues that showed up late in the ride, probably due to some needed tweaking on some new shoes I'd picked up.
Getting everything cleanly transferred from old-to-new shoes (ala cleat placement) apparently didn't go as well as I'd hoped - so we'll try and get things dialed back in before the next long ride.
Tends to happen - and any time you switch to new equipment it's always an unknown on the first long ride.
Won't take much.  I absolutely refuse to get all anal about it, as I have in the past.  Everything was perfect on last months ride -- I'm just off a hair somewhere. 

Speed and consistency are coming.
Diet is working.
Pain will pass, things heal.  
VERY pleased right now...

Stay tuned for the full post.

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