September 15, 2011

It's all downhill from here

...a common phrase muttered often during the latter part of nearly ANY ride of length you might attend.
Seasonally, however, I'm not so sure that's a good thing!  Granted, after this summer's bonafide heat wave the recent cool-down is greatly appreciated - make no mistake about that.  Quickly rifling through the "warmers" bin in the back of the cycling closet, though, it was clear that the acclimation to summer heat was pretty intense this year because even the lower 60's suddenly felt frigid.  No doubt, those are temperatures that we'll all sorely miss in a few weeks time.  Pretty soon, it will simply be the new "normal".
For this weekend, I wish well all of the riders taking part in the local MS-Ride.  I'll be with you in spirit, for sure!  Ride safe, stay dry and warm, and eat lots!
For me, I'll be getting a miniature taste - about 60 miles short in total of the MS Ride weekend - by riding my September-edition randonnee up north of Liberty, MO.  Wool is dusted off, the bike and the body are ready, and I will spend the day "riding to eat" - as Danny C. would say.  I'll have some tea bags in the back pockets to warm the soul between rainy legs of the ride, hot sandwiches await at the halfway, and I'll be putting a good dent in the vinyl of the back-corner booth at the start/finish restaurant when I return, attacking some hot food to cap off what looks to be a grey and damp (and slightly early) introduction to this year's fall cycling season. 
Tip of the cap to everyone still out there commuting, randonneuring, bike-camping, touring, and racing!
Temperature-wise, it may well be "all downhill" from here... but that doesn't necessarily have to signal the end of this year's riding.
Grab a tent, grab a sweater, grab the 'cross bike, grab some mileage.
Ride on....

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Clayton said...

Commuter dude, I look forward to your posts. We are truly in the middle of ideal cycling weather. Best of luck in your rondo . . .randoneer . . .reundoneaur . .whatever you call it, best of luck. Your description made it sound enticing.