March 2, 2011

March is upon us

Thank goodness!
Although surely a few reminders of the ending season will still come here and there, it's March and the time for riding ... okay, at least riding without gritting your teeth quite so hard ... is here! Time to watch the trees wake up, hear the robin's song, and watch the sun slowly march back north in the sky.

Also, time to visit to get up to date on the 2011 randonneuring season, if you're into that sort of thing!
I am... duh... and so, as they say, "here we go again."
At this writing, 25 days or so left until the first brevet on the KC calendar is here, and that's my personal goal: to be ready for it.
So far, so good -- February's indoor training has kept me in enough shape to take to the streets and get back into a good routine with commuting to work and starting to ramp up the mileage. There is just enough time to get in a good program of 10-15% increases towards that 125-mile Saturday event - so, with fingers crossed, I've been getting out there and enjoying the warmer afternoons.

I hope you're all doing the same in the KC area.... finally, some nice, NICE days for spinning along!
Enjoy, and talk to you all again soon ---

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