May 18, 2010

Bike To Work Week!

Yep, it snuck up on me again - but its National Bike To Work Week this week...(interestingly timed with Craft Brew Week...hmmmm)... And I've been doing my part to stay out of the car again. The way I figure, since probably mid April at least, I haven't really driven that much since breaking the streak back in January.. This might be a good time to start another one, but I'm not pressuring myself this time around.
I still prefer riding to work on a bicycle over driving a, I will just go with the flow.

Monday dawned wet, sorta foggy and misty - and for the first time in many Bike to Work Weeks I made it to one of the events: the City of Overland Park hosted a breakfast alongside the trail near 137th and Switzer, which is practically on my route. Bonus! Coffee, juice, granola, and some swag - like a much needed new wallet, made from recycled tubes. Check out local, clever, sturdy stuff. Met up there with Noah of and Shawn, whom I met on the trails back in January when there was still snow and ice alongside it! Cool to catch back up with a coupla cats I hadn't talked to in person since it was much colder outside.

Proceeded on to work from there, and took the long way home in the afternoon, as the wind was light and I was feeling good.

Saw an honest-to-goodness albino squirrel, too, darting across the trail. This is the polar opposite (stretch) of having your path crossed by a black cat, so I'm planing to enjoy my seven years good luck now.
..or do you get that from fixing a mirror? Whatever.

Day two, on the way to work I'm reminded about one of the core reasons I don't like to drive: it's because I can't afford a dark grey convertible Ferrari 360 Modena cabriolet. Money no object, I'm sure dealing with traffic would be easier if I was basking in fine Italian leather and listening to the soundtrack provided by one of the most sensual engine notes available, wind in my.... beard. Duuuude. I have to be clear: yes, I think people around here drive too much. I think this is a car-centric area, and change is needed. Yes, I want more path miles, bus routes and other alternative transportation options. But...I'm not exactly anti-car. I just don't like the typical JoCo mobiles: Acura, Lexus, regular Merc's and BMWs (as opposed to AMG or Brabus models), minivans, or ragged out teenage Honda projects. I do appreciate performance cars, and love talking about them at length. Owning one, honest, is the last thing I want. I've been kvetching over millimeters with
my handlebars for three weeks.... do any of you think I could handle a bird deucing on the hood of my (say) Porsche GT2 RS (as if I could EVER be lucky enough). Please, you might as well hit me over the head with something really heavy, or just wait for me to implode... But, seeing a fly-by of high-grade Italian or German metal still trips my trigger. Admiration pays more dividends than ownership.
Still wouldn't mind an Escort Cosworth RS with a Thule roof rack... You know, just for that occasional brevet or ultra race that starts more than 100 miles away, once a year or so. Mmmm.

...but this is a bike blog.

One final handlebar tweak this afternoon, and I think I have the fit finally licked. Took the long way home again and reveled in some sunshine, then came home, mowed the grass, and rode to my twice-a-week aerobic kickboxing class to round out nearly (ok, mowing the grass isn't really a workout) five solid hours of physical activity this afternoon.

Type on the blog a bit, sleep fast, and hit the OP city hall tomorrow morning for another round of coffee courtesy the City of Overland Park, and hopefully ride into work with Crowbar if we meet up.

Busy week...but a good one for the bike, always... Despite looming rain chances returning to the forecast tomorrow afternoon.

I hope, no matter from where you read this, that you're having a great Bike to Work Week!

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