April 7, 2010

New roads

It's not the "same ole 300K"... not this year.
Visit the KCUC website for more information on this weekend's Oak Grove 300K.
196 miles of uncharted (well, for this group) territory!
This is where randonneuring for a lot of folks gets more serious... but I can only really speak for myself here.
Since 2002, the 300K has been a challenging ride - but, it's been the same course for many years running.
This makes it easier (if that's possible) for the returning rider to plan their day, conserve energy for "xx" section of the route, and similar.
Getting lost isn't a concern any more, generally, as turns become second nature and landmarks are burned on the brain.  It's never an "easy" distance, however, because you still have to pedal, after all.  The wind may change, pavement degrades and other section get fresh tarmac.  Ther can be construction, there can be weather concerns.  So, really - even though the cue sheet is the same, it's never really identical to the last time you rode it... but at least you know what to expect from the course, the hills, the traffic.
This year, a brand new route graces the KCUC calendar.  It's not a reprise of an old route from the 90's, no - it's fresh.
Granted, the roads have always been out there, but this is the first time they've been strung together for the KCUC group to discover.
New hills, new direction, new scenery, new challenges all along the way.
Big thanks to our own Spencer K. for putting this one together.  I'm looking forward to it!
It's the next step in the Super Randonneur 2010 series (200, 300, 400 and 600K rides in the same year), and will be #3 in my personal quest for R-12 #2.
Seriously, I'm jazzed -- it won't be a fast day for me - looking at the bigger picture, but after watching the Ronde Van Vlaanderen and seeing the pros hammer it out, I'm pumped.
Thoughts of Paris-Roubaix on Sunday have me excited to ride my own adventure, and then recover on the couch Sunday in front of Versus HD for the cobbles!
It's warmer, the sun is out, the grass is green --- I feel good, and ready.
If you are interested, again, visit the KCUC website for details, pre-registration or RSVP today!
You can print cue sheets and preview the map from that site as well.

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