February 17, 2010

The JCBC Banquet is this weekend!

Heads up!
The annual JCBC Banquet will be held at "75 Cafe" in Shawnee, beginning at 6:30pm on Saturday, February 20th.
That's THIS weekend, so if you're remotely interested register by using the links below... and hurry!
I'll be appearing along with fellow commuter Noah of KC-Bike.net fame. He was invited earlier this year to speak at the banquet on the subject of utility cycling and commuting, and he was kind enough to suggest that JCBC pull me in as well. I'm honored to be invited, and the evening should yield a good hour of discussion on commuting methods, logistics, tips, tricks, and the like. We'll be talking it up, panel-style, with JCBC VP Ken Cobb. Bring your questions, and challenges - we'll do our best to answer, and hopefully pump out some good information for all.
For more information, visit Johnson County Bicycle Club's main page
Registration is $25.00 a head, includes a plated dinner. BYOB, if you choose.
(registration ends Thurs, Feb 18th @ 11:59pm)
(couples, spouses: each attendee must register separately)

Hope to see you there!

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Unknown said...

Nice to talk to you a few weeks back along tomahawk creek trail. On the topic of struggling through the winter, I thought you might find this interesting: