January 19, 2010

Commuting & Randonneuring Podcast

I'm pretty excited about this: a while back I was invited to appear in the latest Podcast from The Kansas Cyclist, this latest episode talking about commuting and randonneuring! It's just hit the "air" this afternoon!

Of course I'm jazzed about it, but its not ALL about me: please be sure to surf the rest of The Kansas Cyclist website, check out the other content and other podcasts. You should set aside some time and listen to the series - interesting stuff, and well done. If it concerns bicycling in Kansas, it's probably going to make it onto this webpage, so give it a look and bookmark it for future news and info! Ed and Randy, thanks for having me!

So, here you go: Kansas Cyclist Podcast, Episode #16.

Enjoy and thanks for reading... and listening!


Randy said...

Enjoyed talking with you today, Keith, and I think it'll turn out well. It coulda gone on for another hour and we wouldn't have covered everything I wanted to, but I think we put a pretty good dent in it!

Andrew said...

I really enjoyed your interview on the Kansas Cyclist Podcast. You sounded relaxed but confident. The content was great and the presentation was smooth; no "ums" and "ers". Have you done much public speaking?

It took my a while to get around to listening to it because I don't usually listen to podcasts. One reason is that I can read much faster than I can listen. Another reason is that since I don't drive much, that takes away a typical time to listen to them. I noticed that after I started bicycle commuting, I hardly ever listen to the radio either.