November 13, 2007

The C'Dude Video Collection

First off, the "Tree Video" is here --- I only wish it was longer, but honestly there is nothing from stopping me from continuing it a little. My ultimate goal would be to take additional shots until the first snows come, maybe catch some ice on the limbs, etc., and catch it rebudding next spring.... stay tuned, but for now here's a taste of what I've been working on OFF the saddle. In order for this to flow better, I have already learned quite a bit -- for example, the initial pictures were much larger, but I had to pick objects in the frame to crop at, in order to get the tree centered (more of less) in each frame. This comes from rushing down the deck stairs, aiming the camera, shooting, and walking back upstairs every day. What I need is a tripod, something permanent, preferrably with a remote trigger - like a true time-lapse set-up would have. If I could have a static set-up and computer control, I could pull off a shot every 5 minutes, say, and then when composed at 30 fps, I tell ya -- that would look pretty cool. Something to think about for next year, perhaps. Anyways, enjoy --- I had some fun with it, even tho it's short.

Next, a taste of what I was working on LAST year, as well... the fabled Coffee/Coffee Ride, caught on film... and my first foray into video experimentation:

Next, several clips from the 300K and 400K this Spring. I wasn't able to get these edited together, as my current video software doesn't like the 3gpp2 format very much - but eventually there will be freeware editors for this kind of thing, so I'll clean them up -- until then, capture the raw, unedited carnage that IS a brevet! Ok, that might be a little dramatic. It's more like endless rambling, often masked by windnoise, and cinematography straight from the black box of a crashing airplane. Yeesh. Get a stabilizer! The quality, however, I have to apologize for -- these hyper-compressed mobile device video formats leave a lot ot be desired, but at least they are more tollerable than earlier versions! I can't deny the compactness of it all, tho -- on a long, long ride when the mind wanders a little, the built in MP3 player and external speaker keeps me entertained, but safe - no headphones needed. And the camera and camcorder is really nice to have in one small package, so some sacrifices are acceptable, I suppose. I'm sort of a tech-geek, so it still amazes me that they can do stuff like this! I remember when camcorders came with a BAG to carry the VCR in, and NiCd cells that weighed 10 lbs. Yikes, we've come a long way. I digress.... (what, again? me?!? get OFF subject?!?)

First, from April, the 300K brevet -- details from the day, in three parts when I finally got SO looped out from the day that I decided to record a monologue - this was a hard one. The full story is buried HERE if you'd like to pre-read the tale. After hours of rain, cold, and hardship, I was DYING to talk to SOMEONE, and here is the result, in three parts:

Episode I - A New Dope.

Episode II- The Dude Strikes the Record Button

Episode III, which is really Episode VI, Return of the Moron:

SO, you get the Tree Video, the Coffee/Coffee montage - the collection of 300K videos, *AND* the collectable plate?! YES! NOW how much would you pay?

But WAIT! There's freakin' MORE!

Finally, in two glorius parts, the 2007 400K video -- the story is featured "on the cover" this month, and you can read it HERE if you like. Same kind of deal as before, but what's interesting - to me, at least - is how the differences in the videos tell how trying this ride became near the end. In the first video, I'm chipper, almost - really enjoying the day, riding along, smiling... and then later, after the sun has been down for hours and hours, I'm just whipped. It's almost funny. I don't remember that 2nd part of the ride, but there it is -- enjoy!

...and then, 11 hours and 38 minutes later...

And, just for fun, some goofiness from someone better at it than me... so far...

This one.
That one.

"If this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador?"

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