May 30, 2007

Heeeeere we go!

Welp, it's almost here.
In 50 hours or so, I'll be lining up for the Kansas City 600K.
I'm desperately excited, as I just got news yesterday that Ort down in Texas completed his 600K last weekend, and had a decent time of things despite a couple of flats near the end of the ride.
I'm stoked --- when you hear of successes near your home camp, it's inspiring.
It's not like "hell, if THAT tosser can do it....", it's just bolstering in a way. Hard to explain, but it's a good feeling knowing that the year is turning out so good for those of us that had so many challenges last year.
In a few days, it'll be my turn to keep that vibe by completing my first 600K.

Am I nervous anymore? Not really. Of course, complete complacency is dangerous. I have done all the equipment checks, the new taillights are installed, fresh batteries everywhere, fresh bulbs in the headlights, saddlebag will be packed tonite with the neccessary gear to handle the 62-85 degree temperature swings fron day to night, and possible rain that's popped into the forecast. It's kind of exciting for me because nothing quite beats riding into a thunderstorm, assuming it's not severe. And assuming you're prepared. All I have left to do it swap on a new rear tire and touch-up the chain lube, and I'll be ready to roll out Friday night.
So, nervous? No. Careful? Always!

The only thing that's really changed in my game plan is the notion about riding straight through. I don't think I'm going to be too hard-set on that notion after reading Ort's accounts. It seemed that he ended up catching people that had decided to NOT stop for rest when he woke up from his 3 hour nap and started riding again. Since it's six-of-one (whatever), I think I'll take a nap in there somewhere for god measure. Part of me REALLY wanted to treat this like a 24-hour race, since essentially that's what I'm training for -- but I'm not sure I've got the speed base built up yet for that kinda of torture. The best plan I can have is almost not to have one -- just ride and see how I feel after the sun goes down, after who-knows how far I will have ridden. But, it's a good course, I know it well, and the end of the ride is all on home turf. Let's get this thing over with!!!

The full - and probably lengthy - ride report will be coming about a week after the completion of the ride, but I will update on June 4th indicating whether or not I'm still alive! :) Stay tuned!


Andrew said...

Good luck, Dude. I'll be doing my first 600K on the same weekend with similar weather.

Steve Mohr said...

Good luck from DC as well! I can't wait to hear the account. Where can I see Orts account?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Dude. I know it won't be easy, but it sounds like you're ready for anything. Just keep making little circles. Remember pain is your body releasing weakness.

O. T. said...

I posted an abbreviated ride report in the Randonneurring 2007 thread on Bike Sorry. I have not done a full ride report. I will work on it and post it to BJ.C later.