April 26, 2007

The beast beckons

Spring is actually seeming to stick around lately, save for this morning's foray into the upper 40's temps again, after a really hearty round of storms. The grasses are REALLY green now, and there is that smell around... and with it some of the usual sniffles and occasional hayfever headache. Ugh. More coffee! Actually, with summer not far behind, it's time to rediscover tea, most likely.... but either way.

Stepping right along is my seasonal shifting of the bicycles, where I start to wonder why I took certain things apart the previous year, etc. After a winter with the messenger bag keeping my back toasty, it's now time to swap back over to the 70+ degrees formula of saddlebag mode. That is, of course, if I can find the parts from the mount from last year. After I quick cal to Harris Cyclery, I find them (sorta.). Turns out they magically regenerated themselves in the parts bin of the bike shop. Weird! So, I'm all set for spring-into-summer riding again!
Come fall no doubt, I'll probably wonder why I ever stopped riding with the messenger bag. Silly dualist.

This weekend is the 400K brevet, and I'm VERY excited about this one for a couple reasons; number one, it probably WON'T be raining, and it will actually be warm! Not only will it be above freezing, it should be WELL above freezing at the start, too! Shocker!!! Seriously, anything short of a major hail-storm and I'd be happy, after a huge addition to the I've-had-worse file two weeks ago. That certainly turned out to be a great ride, but my complaining about weather conditions is pretty much a thing of the past. Another reason to be excited is a new route, which can sometimes carry a little scepter of its own -- it's been several years since the navigation aspect of randonnuering had to be utilized, so it ought to be a tale rife with terms like "got lost" and "5-mile detour".

The next 36 hours will be full of clothing choices, bag-packing, and carb-loading, so stay tuned for the 400K report, complete with a decent video accompanyment. Assuming I remember to bring the camera!

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