January 19, 2007

A new look -- sorta

Just got finished uploading new pages to the Commuterdude.com website, so take a peek when you get time -- the look and feel is nearly the same, as I don't have time to get everything into Flash animation and java applet format, etc. I just don't care THAT much, ya know?! Someday... But, for now, the menus have been updated with location markers to make navigation easier, and most importantly the Gear and Logistics pages have been changed to the HOW and WHAT pages, and the former lighting page has been absorbed into the new WHAT page. Explore, and enjoy -- the texts have also been updated and corrected to be a little more up to date, considering the last time I updated ANY of the content on commuter gear and lighting was August of 2001!!!! Yeesh. Anyone with a handlebar mounted LED headlight knows how out-of-date THAT page was. Yeesh.
Anyways -- I'm slowly re-emerging from the shadows, and back into the role of Team Captain, and you should also note that the Team and Ride update page has been updated a little as well -- the focus taken OFF the team itself, and placed on the RIDES that are coming up. If you scroll down, the team photos and info are still there -- just not as apparent as before. Now, you have one less click to get to the upcoming ride information, which is what most people are visiting that page for these days.

Our next team ride is Feb. 27th, a Saturday -- technically, the new year's day ride was out January edition -- so if you missed that one, too bad! Sorry!

Talk to you all soon!

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