August 7, 2006

Reminder about Metro Metric!

A quick reminder that THIS weekend, SATURDAY, is the Metro Metric - or CommuterDude XX - assuming I haven't lost count somewhere. "XX" seems to be a good place to start, anyways - so I hope I don't lose count AGAIN. Crap.

Anyhoooooo --- all the ride details are HERE.

Bring CASH -- Coffee Girls is a cash-only business, but they do have an ATM in the building, if you don't mind the fees. ACME Bicycles WILL BE OPEN, and we will probably take a quick stop there, if you like. I need to buy a new bell while we're there.

Ride notes: Lights, bells, and gigantic saddlebags are encouraged! Panniers optional.
Pack a few snacks for yourself and BRING EXTRA WATER if you have a way to carry it.
Near the end of the ride, stops become spread farther apart!

You better be there, and if you aren't there you better be dead, or in jail.
And if you're in jail, break out.

Love ya!

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