May 19, 2006

Go Go Go Go!!!

WEll, I said I'd do this daily, but I skipped a day -- so what, right? AIEEIEE!!!

Anyways, the Bike Commuter Challenge is almost history - and history making it was -- I logged in this morning, and there were 303 participants! That's AWESOME, seriously!
It's been a good week, and I survived it again - with no less than two major equipment failures in the process. Thankfully, I think those problems are behind me now, and I can just ride and enjoy the benefits. The weight has started to come back off, slowly, and the fitness is coming back, too.

I've also made a commitment to myself to be smarter about this kind of thing, and that shows today -- I didn't ride to work today. "WHAaaaTTT????"

I know, I can hear the entire city revolting now. As opposed to year's past where I'd just ride myself stupid, I know that I have the Lone Star Century tomorrow - and I know that 100 miles is nothing to be cavalier about - and I know that looking at the horrid performance that went down LAST year, and the full week of brutal commutes that led up to it, well - you get the idea...

I decided to take on a smarter approach this year -- I'll still get a small amount of mileage today, but certainly not as many as in days past - and hopefully that will translate into a well-rested me for tommorow's 100-miler. That puts the cap on a solid 200 mile week!

Of course, the verdict is still out -- part of me wonders if I could just take one for the team, and get to work and home again without expending a whole lot of energy -- and then the realist chimes in and tells me I'll regret it if I try. The time to learn these lessons the hard way needs to stop -- if I think I know better, I'm probably right!

In fact, I think I'll actually take advantage of the system, and rent one of the "green bikes" today, and ride to lunch -- YEAH .... that might be a better idea. A few miles for the team, but not enough to sabatoge me for tomorrow.

Also, I'm thinking forward to Tinbutt -- I got the mailer in the post today, and I'm very excited about it already -- it's a mere 57 days away! Training for it officially starts tomorrow, that's for certain. Not sure if I can lose all the weight I want to in that time frame, but at least half of it should be gone before the starting gun fires. Keeping in mind that it has very little to do with the bike, I know that if I drop at least 10-15 lbs, I'll feel like I did a couple years ago - and that should help me get back my competitive edge. It doesn't matter what I'm riding - it matters more the condition of WHO is riding it. That WHO is me, and if me ain't in shape, the bikes fault it is not. Slimey? My home this is!


Ok - so, a lunch run - just to say I did - and then rest for tomorrow's century -- which should be AWESOME. Looking forward to it -- again, not a PR attempt time time -- just good solid training to bank on in July.

The ultra-guy is emerging....

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