February 13, 2006

The lay-off.

For the first time in over one-and-a-half years, I took a FULL WEEK OFF the bike.
A full seven days with ZERO cycling activity.

It was weird, really. Very, very weird... but the results are pleasant.

Even though I have been active, it's been on a non-cycling level, and I'm once again itching to get out and train. Unfortunately, my resolve for cold weather hasn't been restored, but my soul, legs, and resting heart-rate HAVE been.

The quest for the "total package" continues, however, with a lot of abdominal work, treadmill, and weights for resistance training on the upper body. For the first time since July, I feel the twang of multi-sport possibly coming back into the fray... assuming my upper body comes along at the same rate as everything else. To be more realistic, also, *IF* I do head back to Shawnee Mission Park this July for a little Tri-action, I'll opt for the short course. Regardless of my ability to gather back minutes during a longer bike-section, the prospect of another 1000-meter swim doesn't sit too well. It's on the "we'll see" list, for sure... the primary goals will take precedence, and if a tri- doesn't fit the mold this summer, I'll skip it. Have to look at the big picture, and not diversify too much.

Has it been strange NOT commuting to work? Absolutely.
There is almost a feeling of guilt, even despite a recent change in vehiclar mobility. A new car, something more appropriate for the CommuterDude automotive stable, now graces the driveway, taking the place of the 6MPG monster. Now, if I DO decide to drive, I'm using FAR less gas - so it won't sting as badly.
But still, seratonin levels are down, and the workday passes more slowly without a rousing workout before punching in. Further, the commute home is unsatisfying; sitting in traffic instead of humming along and breathing hard. The depression that comes packaged with late winter is intensified without that post-work outlet, but with most of this month behind me I know things will improve in a short time.

Spring, after-all, is only a month away... and the weather patterns are already reflecting it, the clouds taking on familiar shapes, and birds are becoming more active, as the shadows of the morning begin to march the other direction with the northward advance of sunrise on the horizon each day. This is the part I love - the transition of seasons.

Soon, the trees and fields will be awash with the fresh green of new birth, and the skies will rumble with the first spring rains. The salty roads will be washed clean, and will shine towards the horizon, beckoning. Arms and legs, long hidden by tights and warmers, will emerge again to bask in the sunlight. Warmth! Bliss!

I cannot wait... even as I huddle in my own coat with 20º winds blowing past my face, I smile - because I know the tides are about to turn...

Even after a full week off, I feel like I'm ready to pounce.

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