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Welcome to the commuterDude permanents page

This page contains information specifically on RUSA permanents officiated by Keith Gates, RUSA #1445, in and around the Kansas City Area.  This page contains a downloadable waiver for my routes, more detail on each of the routes I offer, and specific considerations for scheduling and registering your ride.  All information here simply augments what you'll find on the permanents search page on - remember, if there is any conflict on this page with anything in RUSA's rules, RUSA's rules rule.

Feel free to email with questions!

The Calendar: 

This calendar contains three (3) types of bicycle rides happening in and 
around the Kansas City area:

1) Brevets which have been approved by RUSA and/or ACP and have been published at

2) RUSA Permanents which I own, which have been registered and approved for a specific date and start time in accordance with RUSA's rules for a current RUSA member who wishes their ride to be advertised to a larger audience; **** prospective additional participants MUST provide adequate notice to the route owner to participate in a RUSA permanent, in accordance with RUSA rules and guidelines on this page, and must be a current RUSA member per RUSA rules.  These are NOT show-and-go rides and details are not provided to non-registered parties.  Not all registered permanents will be listed here - permanents are not "calendared" events

3) ...and, finally, Local rides-of-interest, randonneuring social events, training, or similar may also be published - anything "non-RUSA" is noted as such in its description


The Routes:  

Here are the entries as they appear on
updated 4/23/2018

Perm Route # Location Km Climb (ft.) Name / Link to RUSA page *Unofficial Ride With GPS Link States
386 KS: Olathe 215 6200 Free State Border Patrol KS
390 KS: Olathe 200 7800 WM Gates Memorial MO, KS
1057 KS: Shawnee 202 3400 Princeton Roundabout KS
1498 KS: Herington 205 Herington - Olathe  free route KS
1794 KS: Olathe 111 Border Patrol Express MO, KS
2104 MO: Peculiar 218 The Mighty Peculiar MO
2294 KS: Garnett 207 4000 Aliceville Twister KS
2326 MO: Kansas City 202 The Archie Bunker 202 MO
2623 KS: Paola 201 3716 Left of Centerville KS
3151 KS: Shawnee 104 2500 Barley's Free State 104km KS
3152 KS: Lawrence 104 2500 The Free-State Radler 104km KS

* The Unofficial Ride With GPS links are provided as a courtesy for pre-ride planning and route investigation.  They may not represent the current route due to detours, construction or updates.  Contact me, the route owner, for the latest versions.  Further, I make no guarantees on the accuracy of these maps for actual GPS navigation.  The cue sheet is your best bet.  I make every effort to ensure route accuracy, but, these links are provided as a navigation aid ONLY.  Contact me if you have any questions!

How to register to ride one of the routes:

Part 1: Download the registration form and waiver
Part 2: Complete the steps below: 
  • Pick your route, ride date*, and start time 
  • Print, complete and sign the waiver 
  • Scan and email the completed forms to me 
  • *Ensure you're providing adequate notice and email me to start the process

When your ride date arrives, enjoy and have FUN!


Ride fees?

I charge a modest fee of $2.00 USD for any "RUSA#1445" permanent or permanent-populaire ride.  This helps cover postage, card stock, paper, printer ink, envelopes, results processing time and other intangibles.  There are several ways to pay:
  • I accept cash, check or PayPal
  • PayPal is easiest:  
    • I'll send you a preset $2 "pay now" link when you register for a ride 
    • It's fast, secure & proven
  • Ask about two rides for free!  
    • Interested in R-12 or P-12?  
    • Prepay for 12-months of rides for just $20.00!
    • I will track your account balance as time passes

Wait... How do these rides work?

  • Riders follow the cue sheet provided by the route owner and ride from each control point to the next, stopping at each control for certification as well as for food, water, and services 
  • At each control, riders must obtain the following for their ride to "count"
    • Each control, including the start and finish, must have its corresponding box on the permanent card completed with time of day and initials from an employee working the c-store, gas station or restaurant which acts as the control 
    • Riders must also obtain a physical, paper receipt from the control, even if it's a no-sale or cash purchase, with a time and date stamp printed on it - THIS is the one, rock-solid proof of your passage!  Hold on to your receipts!
  • At the start . . .
    • Your first receipt must be time-stamped to indicate you've started on the date and time agreed-upon by you and the route owner / organizer 
    • Ensure your 1st receipt validates you've started inside the agreed-upon time window: riders may start at any time within the first hour of the official start time
  • At the finish . . .
    • Obtain your final receipt and time-of-day/initials from the control 
    • SIGN the appropriate space on the back of your permanent card 
    • FILL IN the ride completion time section; the ride always "begins" at the agreed-upon start time - riders can begin rolling anytime in the first hour 
    • MAIL your completed permanent card and receipts from each control back to me for processing
    • I'll certify your results and mail your card and receipts back to you promptly

First time riding?   Important Details:
Please read, and thank you in advance for your cooperation!

The guidelines below have been put in place to ensure fairness for all riders - local or otherwise - and creates a solid transactional relationship between rider and route owner, ensuring your ride credit never undergoes negative scrutiny.
  • Per RUSA rules it is incumbent upon the rider to provide "reasonable notice" for permanent rides (see article 3) 
    • For me, this means: a minimum (5) five calendar days notice is respectfully requested
    • This allows time to receive your email, reply, process your request, and prepare ride materials for delivery
    • For liability reasons, your registration form and signed waiver must be in my possession prior to your ride date - electronic delivery is acceptable
    • Permanent Cards will be mailed to you via USPS - this keeps the process fair for all riders and encourages appropriate planning
    • To speed up the overall process for your future rides, you may request additional cards for a particular route if you plan to ride it again 
    • Even with today's technological advancements in mind, short-notice requests cannot be accommodated - poor planning does not constitute an emergency
  • There are exceptions . . .
    • Dangerous or severe weather conditions may prompt a delayed start or reschedule - this is not to be confused with seasonally typical precipitation or seasonally typical temperature variations
    • Unforeseen route conditions such as unpublished road closures, flooding, and subsequent lack of reasonable detours which may cause a rider to finish outside time limits may prompt a reschedule
    • Our region presents unique WINTER conditions, and many concerns may surround ride planning for those pursuing the R-12 or P-12 award; your safety is paramount  -  Whenever in doubt, contact me!

Riding with a group?
  • After registering & setting your ride date/time with me as route-owner, additional riders may be invited - plan ahead with your group to pick the best date for all 
  • Each rider must be a RUSA member to participate in a RUSA permanent 
  • Each rider must register with a completed registration form and waiver
  • Each rider must have a route card to participate; plan ahead!
  • While the rules may state otherwise, I highly encourage the habit of collecting receipts for yourself at each control; in the event someone in your group loses a receipt, you might be the one to fill that gap and save someone's ride

    If there is ever a question on rules 
    or procedure, RUSA's rules rule and take 
    precedence over any entry here!

    Now, let's ride!

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